Straightener for flat steel & poalings CREA-WHEEL

Straightening has never been so easy!!! Manual straightening is a thing of the past.

We spent four years researching the CREA-WHEEL. Our goal: to develop a more precise and efficient method of straightening stacks and flat steel. The CREA-WHEEL eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process of manual straightening. 

We have already sold over 300 machines. Now we are ready for the global market. With our unique product for innovative companies.

CREAMETAL's ongoing motto

From the metalworker, for the metalworker. We understand our customers and develop products that make everyday life easier through simplicity and mobility. This is exactly what the CREA-WHEEL addresses. This mechanical engineering innovation allows you to straighten stacks or flat steel five times faster and more efficiently than before. Advantages of the CREA-WHEEL span farther than just efficiency. The CREA-WHEEL is much quieter than manually flattening stacks, making the noisy hammer blows a thing of the past.