Which components can be machined?
All standard profiles, flat, square and also T-shaped steel, up to round posts. Even an IPE 120 can be inserted.

How heavy can a workpiece be?
30 Kg (according to SUVA)

How / where is the jig attached?
The attachment is basically the buyer’s responsibility. The jig can be clamped onto a table, a stand or a frame. The simplest solution is, however, the mobile sub-frame from CREAMETAL. This also has a pre-mounted, extendable bracket for long pillars.

This jig is really only useful for series production
A series usually begins from a quantity of around 10 pillars. Even today, the metalworker will make up a simple jig in such cases. The interesting point about the CREA-FIX is, however, that a series can start as early as the second pillar. There is also no material wear and no complicated welding work has to be carried out.

Can I weld in the jig, or only tack?
Depending on the welding position, welding can be carried out directly in the jig. Otherwise, you can tack and then finish the welding in an optimal welding position.

Can welding spatter damage the CREA-FIX?
If properly used, no. Welding splatter can basically remain stuck to the jig, however, and will have to be mechanically removed at regular intervals. Welding splatter will stick less with the use of a welding spray.