The Post Welding Jig


The universal welding jig for headstocks, footplates and faceplates as well as handrail bowls.

Using the CREA-FIX pillar welding jig, you can quickly and efficiently weld plates and handrail bowls.
The jig is universally suitable for metallic banisters, supports and smaller trusses. Using the permanently installed measuring dial, all stops on the CREA-FIX can be set at the required values. The plates can be symmetrically or eccentrically positioned.
Once set, you can produce individual units with CREA-FIX or repetition parts. Insert the components and weld – quick, precise and universal.

The CREA-FIX welding jig is set depending on the dimension and position of the pillar to the plate. All dimensions are directly read off.

Angle setting
Arbitrary angle? Quite simple: Retention of the plate is adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees, the required angle is read off.

Presetting for front assembly

Mounted on a mobile frame – can be used everywhere