Mounting table for aluminium and plastic fences

Developed for a leading manufacturer of fence elements: The mounting table for your rational, precise, fast production of fences

CREA-STAR for production

  1. Place the fence laths
  2. Set the axle dimensions
  3. Set the height of the cross-sections
  4. Place the cross-sections
  5. Use the rotary brake to adjust the working height
  6. Use self-tapping screws to screw down the fence sections

The advantages

  • The setting of the dimensions – correctly within a very short time
  • Easy operation – even semi-skilled staff members and apprentices produce exact door cases
  • Equal spacing of the laths
  • Time saved by the rational method of working
  • Adjustment of the working height – firmly set by the rotary brake


Technical data of the mounting table

Length 3300 mm
Width 1320 mm
Height 150 mm
Weight 140 kg
Spacing (axial dimension)

various scissors are available, for example:
60 to 110 mm

100 to 145 mm

Maximum number of lattice profiles 20 - 25 pieces
Maximum lattice width 90 mm
Lattice length 1250 mm
Sloping railing up du 7 degrees


We will be pleased to adapt the fence gauge to your individual requirements –
other technical data upon request.