Exact stair railings

By means of an easy-to-work, but effective utility program (MS Excel), the spacing of stair railings and the adjustment values for CREA-STAR can be determined within a few minutes. You only need three figures for the calculation: The length of the lower boom, the angle of the stairs, and the thickness of the balusters used. The program works out the exact spacing of the balusters and the number of balusters. The adjustment values are used to set the gauge: The adjustment value of the scissor is entered directly at the scissor. The exact angle of inclination is set by moving the stop rails: The differential dimensions are indicated at the measuring rods of the bracket.

Component part / drawing number Example  
Length of lower boom 31.4 inch
Angle of inclination 30 degrees
Thickness of the baluster 0.31 inch
Number of balusters 5 pieces
Clear width 4.28 inch
Spacing / axis dimension 4.59 inch
Control dimensions: 5 spacings 22.9 inch
Adjustment value - scissors 105.1 inch
Length difference (on right boom) -5.3 inch

Adjustment value - scissor