The advantages

Higher quality in shorter time: The advantages of CREA-STAR apply
for manufacture to customer’s specification as well as for series production.

  • No calculation of spacings
  • No added-up errors
  • No support below the standards
  • No second person needed to turn the railing
  • Complete the welding work with the piece clamped once
  • Ergonomics at the work place – no bending over, no overhead welding
  • Torsion free structural members without tacking
  • Special steel – both hands free for welding
  • Fast adaptation to various types of railing
  • Stair railings in all standard gradients
  • 50 per cent savings in time and costs
  • From practical experience for work in practice

CREA-STAR for production - gain in time and much easier work

  1. Set the welding gauge
  2. Place the standards and booms; set the standard spacing
  3. Weld the first sequence (no tacking required)
  4. Turn the gauge over and weld the second sequence
  5. Remove the railing element and weld on the side parts (posts)