Use the advantages offered by the CREA-SWISS

  • Time saved – the setting of a frame is done in a matter of a few minutes
  • Precision – length, width and diagonals are correct
  • Quality control – profile cut and the dimensions set have to match
  • One-man device – the complete frame production by one person
  • Easy operation – even semi-skilled staff members and apprentices produce exact frames
  • Fine adjustment – tolerances in the profile cross-section are compensated
  • Plane mitre surface – grinding work is reduced to a minimum
  • Turn on the longitudinal axis – a frame is welded on both sides
  • Mechanical actuation – no wearing or high-maintenance components
  • Light-weight and compact construction – the mobile work place
  • Universally applicable – for the production of frames of all types
  • Ergonomics and precision at the work place – easy working procedures without waste

Conventional production

The adjustment of the right angle along takes a lot of time. The frame is tacked; a colleague helps measuring and adjusting the diagonal. Tacking; rotating with two persons; welding and turning again: Too often a second person is needed until a frame has been completed - to say nothing of the vices, pliers and other auxiliary means.

Now there is CREA-SWISS!

No waste: Faults in cutting or wrong dimensions are revealed before welding already. On account of the precision of the gauge, one person along can produce a precise frame, welded torsion free on both sides. The innovative clamping technique and the compensation of the profile tolerances permit plane mitre surfaces.