My CREA-SWISS has become misaligned by 3mm (.11 in.) by a blow – how shall I proceed?
The calibration gauge is located at the bottom of the CREA-SWISS. You can calibrate the gauge yourself with the help of the operating instructions.

Can I process Jansen, Forster and Esco profiles?
CREA-SWISS does not depend on the use of specific profiles. Z, L and T profile frames can be produced as well.

The sliding clutch is engaged although I haven’t placed a profile yet.
It is possible that weld spatters have got caught in the toothed rack. Move the gauge fully apart and clean the toothed rack. If this does not help, set the sliding clutch a little tighter. The procedure has been described in the operating instructions.

Why do I have two long bolts only?
Normally, the loop should always be at the bottom. In case of a double wing door the profile change (Z profile) is situated where the loop is at the top. For this reason two long bolts have been included.

My frame has a height of 3'700mm (145.66 in.) Can I produce this frame on CREA-SWISS?
This is not possible with the normal CREA-SWISS. Please refer to the special versions for special gauges.

What about the weld spatter?
The measuring tape and the magnifying glass are protected by PVC which can be replaced. The corner supports are made of aluminium, on which the weld spatter does not stick well. The toothed racks are protected by protective tube in direct vicinity of the welding process.

What do I have to observe in the welding sequence?
Keep to the welding sequence you have had the best experience with so far.

CREA-SWISS is only suitable for larger companies with large series?
Often enough there is one man missing to turn the element, especially in smaller companies. The gauge can be set so fast that a maximum of time saving is achieved especially in case of individual units.

What can I do, if the profile are bent?
CREA-SWISS is a positioning table. The profiles should be straight. The corner area has enough space for additional vices or vice-grip wrenches.

Can I produce pipe frames from round profiles, for example?
This is easily possible by means of a clamping device made by Bessay Company (order No. VAD).