Technical data of CREA-SWISS

Maximum frame size (external)

Length 3'000mm
Width 2'400mm

Gauge fully rotatable up to a frame width of abt. 2'000mm

Minimum frame size (external)

Length 470mm
Width 610 / 510mm

Profile height up to 115 mm
Height tolerance compensation of -1 to +1mm
Horizontal dimensions of the gauge

Length 3'400mm

Width 1'400mm (depending on the adjustment)
Width 600mm (gauge rotated vertically)

Weight 280kg
Carrying force 100kg
Precision drive to adjust the width A sliding clutch prevents the overload of the mechanical parts
Rotating device with drop-in pins, spring brake and two-hand operation (prevention of accidents)  
Calibration angle for easy calibration of the gauge  
Optional equipment • Supports for cross-beams
• Extension element 1m