Rational frame construction in metal



“One-man device”: set the external dimensions, place the profiles, adjust the height difference and weld completely on both sides. Whether its steel windows, fire doors or angular steel frames: with the CREA-SWISS, all workers can produce perfect frames quickly, precisely and profitably.

Setting the dimensions

It takes just a few minutes to set the gauge. The width of the frame is symmetrically aligned along the longitudinal axis using a play-free, low ratio gear. The dimensions can easily be read from the ergonomically positioned digital display. The height of the frame is set directly at the corner fittings - graduations are integrated.

Flat work surface

The advantageous construction details become clear once the profile has been placed: while the profiles are tightened, the supports align horizontally to produce a flat surface.

Adjust for height difference

Height differences in the profile geometries can be balanced out using eccentric shafts. This reduces the welding work, and the grinding work in particular, to a minimum. Profile differences of around 1/10 millimetre can simply be levelled out so that you get a flat work surface on both sides.


The mitre surfaces to be welded are freely accessible. After affixing the profile corners, the frame can be turned around on the gauge. In this way, the frame can be welded on both sides with one setting by one person.

Supports for cross-beams in metal frames

  • Set the mounting height of the cross-beam
  • Adjust the profile height
  • Affix
  • Set the next cross-beam dimensions