Can plates also be welded to round pipes?
The fixation of the jig to round pipes is guaranteed thanks to the special guide.

Up to what size of plate does the jig still work?
In principle, the size is unlimited. The weight of the plate should be a max. of 25 kg
(regulations regarding work safety).

Will the scale not become scratched?
The U-section has a corresponding cut-out to avoid this.

Why is the guide not supported in parallel to the height adjustment?
Thanks to the two guides, the tolerance compensation can be adjusted very easily
(can often be very large for supports).

The voce is welded on – would it not be better if it was bolted?
This measure ensures that the vice is not removed for other purposes and that the jig
is always ready for operation.

Why is the vice not larger?
Tests have shown that this vice best covers the length to load ratio.

Why is the U-section black? – Is it untreated?
No, the U-section is black galvanized.

Why is the U-section the only part that is black galvanized?
So that the contrast is better for reading off the dimension.