The plate jig


The CREA-HEAVY plate jig revolutionises the set-up and welding of top and base plates onto beams, supports and pillars.

The gauge is light, but nevertheless robust. The height offset of the plate can be set to the desired value with the help of a scale. The jig is quickly positioned with the screw clamp and the plate can then be placed on it. The compensation of tolerances functions in a simple way. The plate is held in the height, positioned laterally and can be immediately spot welded. Fast - precise – universal

Supports of all kinds
The CREA-HEAVY can be used with H / U / I beams and square and round tubes, as well as with L-profiles.

Exact set-up
The height offset, either positive or negative, is adjusted using the scale. The CREA-HEAVY is clamped to the support with the clamping device, the plate is then placed on the jig and positioned by the width.

Welding / spot welding
The plate can now be held at the exact position with minimal effort, and can be positioned at the correct location with a few adhesion points.

Tolerance compensation
Plates that have to be welded to the support with dimensional tolerances can be easily centred thanks to the jig.

Universal application
Regardless of the profile to be machined, the CREA-HEAVY is always the right aid for quickly and precisely positioning any plate at the correct location within a short time.

Small investment – Big profit
The work can be carried out more quickly, and the employees are motivated. You save time and money.