My screw tap doesn’t turn even though there is exhaust coming from the air motor, what should I do?

Check the pressure regulator on the maintenance unit to see if the pressure is sufficient: Should be: 6.5 bar, +/- 0.5 bar.
You can turn the motor a little at the tool (wrench/pliers) and check whether it starts working again.
If the CREA-TAPP was idle for an extended period, the slats in the air motor may be stuck together. Pour a little naphtha (petroleum, white spirit) into the air intake and thus rinse the motor.
Caution: Lay a cloth over the air motor while doing so in order to protect yourself against getting sprayed with naphtha.
Caution: After this process, the bearings are dry and turbine oil for pneumatic tools must imperatively be poured in.


What should I do if I want to cut threads which are larger than M12?

We offer optional air motors with button reversing up to thread size M16.


Can I use the CREA-TAPP to produce blind holes?

Yes, but you need an air motor with special tool holders. The so-called “Bilz holders” have an integrated slip clutch.


The tool holder slip clutch releases too early. What should I do?

The slip clutches are set for standard steel for each thread size, for a sharp and lubricated screw tap or forming tap. You can release the safety clip and use a face wrench to either increase or reduce the spring preload.


Does there need to be oil in the oiler? What oil should be used for the air motor?

Yes, you achieve maximum performance and a long service life through appropriate lubrication of the air motor with special turbine oil for pneumatic tools. Here, the oiler in the maintenance unit should dispense a drop of oil every 1 to 2 minutes.


The air motor speed falls during operation.

The air motors have an air consumption of approx. 310 l/min. Take care to ensure that the supply lines have an appropriate cross section.
The principle is the same as for a water supply: The diameter should always change from larger to smaller at the consumer. Use lines with an interior diameter of less than 10 mm.


The water separator fills up regularly.

The water separator only filters condensate out. Empty the water separator using the drain screw (at the bottom). If too much water collects in the water separator, you have to carry out maintenance on your compressor and the pipe system (= emptying). Alternatively, a drying system can be installed.


Can I adjust the speed?

No, pneumatic thread cutting motors are designed for one speed only. The motors have been selected so that they can produce even large threads (M10/M12). If you predominantly produce small threads, please contact us. We offer appropriate air motors for smaller threads.


Do I need to preserve the motor?

Yes, if the motor won’t be used for an extended period, preservation is recommended. To this end, put a few drops of turbine oil for pneumatic tools into the air intake and spin the motor a little by hand.