Why is the work piece not clamped pneumatically?
For cost-benefit reasons, we have not included a pneumatic device. As all kinds of profiles will be drilled on the CREA-DRILL, work is quicker using a manual clamping device. A pneumatic clamping device or a quick-clamping device only makes sense if the cross-section of the profile is always the same, otherwise the set-up work would be too complicated. Please contact us.

How can I drill a 50 mm hole in a square steel pipe?
For example, using the tungsten-carbide, rotating circular band saws from the Karnasch company, or with a crown bit (use a drilling machine with an MK2 crown).

Can I also drill a 6 metre-long rod?
Yes. The holes are first drilled on one side, and the rod is then turned and the other side is drilled. As an option, the CREA-DRILL can be fitted with a hinged stop that can be pivoted away. In this way, the rod can be simply pushed through.

What is the great advantage in drilling round tubes with the CREA-DRILL?
Clamp the round tube, set the X-axis as the axis and drill straight away. There is a time-saving of 75% in comparison to conventional methods on column-mounted drilling machines.

What are the advantages for the metal worker from using the CREA-DRILL?
Measuring, scribing and graining are unnecessary. This means a time saving of 50%. Simple operation. Precision. Suitable for all standard profile cross-sections. Mobile. Drilling machine of your own choice.

Is a digital display necessary?
No. The CREA-DRILL can be fitted with a digital display as an option, however. It is easier to read off the dimensions and errors can be minimised because the second dimension acts as a kind of control.

From when can a series be started with the conventional method of using drill templates?
From 10 to 20 pieces.

From when can a series be started with CREA-DRILL?
From 2 pieces.

Which type of drilling machine is recommended?
A drilling machine with a power of at least 1'000 Watt, a neck Ø of 43 or 46mm and speed setting matched to the Ø of the drill.

In what kind of work does a metal worker drill holes?
Holes are drilled in practically all types of work.

Why is the maximum weight of the work piece limited to 30kg?
The CREA-DRILL should only be tooled manually. With the corresponding caution, a heavy profile can also be placed on the unit by two people or with the help of a crane.

What are the measurement tolerances on the CREA-DRILL?
The unit can only be as accurate as the measuring instruments used. A tape ruler/tape measure has accuracy class II. I.e. there is a tolerance of +/- 0.9mm in 3m. Practical examples have shown that holes can be drilled with an accuracy of 0.2 – 0.5mm. In principle, you are more accurate than with scribing and graining.

Can angled holes also be drilled on the CREA-DRILL?