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Clamp the work piece and start drilling immediately: CREA-DRILL makes time-consuming measuring, marking and centre punching superfluous. The dimensions taken from the drawing are set directly by hand. The X and Y axes have been provided with a scale; as an optional feature the X axis can be fitted with a digital dimension indicator.

Three steps are no longer required

Rationalise the standard task of drilling: Every metal worker drills thousands of holes every year. With CREA-DRILL 50 per cent of the time required will be saved as measuring, marking and centre punching is no longer needed. Keep value creation in your own company – even in case of larger commissions your drilling work will be economical.

Individual piece and series

The requested dimensional points can be approached directly by the drilling unit; and you can start drilling immediately. The dimensions can be read off on the scale or the digital indicator. A series starts at two components already: Set the position of the drilling point once, and several components can be drilled identically.

Pipes and solid material

Use CREA-DRILL to drill all standard materials and profile cross-sections. When drilling pipes – such as newel posts –, all boreholes are in true alignment because the work piece remains fixed in one clamping position.

Drilling machines at your choice

The machine mount is suitable for all drilling machines at your choice. We recommend two-speed drilling machines with electronic speed control and output as from 1'000W. These drills can be used to carry out all standard drilling tasks.

Mobile workplace

As an optional feature, CREA-DRILL can be supplied on dollies. The drilling machine moves to the work place – the work pieces need not be transported to the upright drilling machine.

Time is money – your money

CREA-DRILL can be used to carry out all drilling activities which up to now have been done on an upright drilling machine. The working steps of measuring, marking and centre punching are no longer required.

Count the number of drilling actions your company carries out per year and calculate the time required for the purpose. The potential time saving will convince you of the savings potential of CREA-DRILL.













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